Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10 2014



1.  第四節的選修課將在本週六開始上課,請參見課室圖以便事先知道您孩子的教室。民族舞蹈,書法,演講課目前仍接受報名,若您有興趣為孩子選修,請到210教室與註冊組聯繫。

2.  中文學校的Burlingame 辦公室租約將於今年到期,理事會已議決不再續租,因此,所有辦公室內現有的教科書,作業本及其他參考書籍需要全數搬到Hillsdale High School附近的儲藏室。中文學校將自本週六起辦理書展,將現有庫存的其他版本全新教科書,作業本以最低廉的價格出售,所得款項將做為辦公室的搬離費用。歡迎大家共襄盛舉。

3.  如果您是新進中文學校的家庭,且尚未選定您的家長服務日期,請您抽空到210 教室找註冊組登記。學校需要您的參與,同時您也可在下學期的註冊費上減免$50的家長服務費。

4.  請您再次提醒您的子弟,請勿在教室及走廊吃東西,吃東西請到中庭。我們希望所有的中文學校學生都能遵守這個規定,以免除中文學校與學區間的困擾。

5.  由中文學校聯合會及台北經濟文化辦事處共同舉辦的華語文能力測驗報名即日起到930日。詳情請參見”華語文能力測驗“。若您的家庭有中高年級(六年級以上)的小孩,請多鼓勵他們參加。927日前報名者,報名費$20

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Chinese school. We hope your first day of school went smoothly.  There are a few updates and reminders that we would like to share with you:

1.      The 4th period elective classes will start on this Saturday (9/13), classroom map is available.  There are a few classes still open for enrollment (dancing, public speech, and calligraphy), please contact our registrar for enrollment (room 210) during the school hours if you are interested in signing up class for your kids.

2.      Our school’s Burlingame office lease will mature this year.  The board has decided not to renew the lease and move all the office contents to a local storage.  There are many BRAND NEW textbooks, workbooks, and reference books stored in our Burlingame office that were overstocked from the past order.  Starting from this Saturday, the school will host a book fair fundraising event during the school hours.  The fund raised will be used for our office moving expenses.  Please stop by and check on those books displayed in the courtyard outside of room 210.  These will be useful supplement materials for your kids’ Chinese learning.

3.      If you are a new family to NPMS and have not chosen your service date, please contact our registrar in room 210 during the school hours to sign up.  The school needs your help and involvement, plus you will receive $50 tuition offset in your next year’s registration!

4.      The Hillsdale High School has reiterated their NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM AND HALLWAY policy.  Please advise your kids to consume food or drink in the courtyard, and use school facilities with care.  We hope to maintain our rapport with HHS so that our classrooms rental will be uneventful.   

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