Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014






Dear Parents:

NPMS will start on this coming Saturday (9/6).  Please review the classroom map in advance so that you can find your kids’ classrooms readily on the first day of school.

The teachers and all the school admin members have been working hard to ensure your child(ren) embark on a fruitful and rewarding Chinese learning trip.  As you know that the administrative duties at NPMS are solely operated by a group of devoted parent volunteers who spare their time to help after dropping off their kids.  Hence, it can be expected that on the first day of school there might be some tasks untended, some of your questions unanswered promptly, and some of your needs unfulfilled immediately.  However, please be patient and accommodating should any of the above arises.  If you have been in this school for long, please help other junior families if you can.  Together we work, the school will move on more smoothly and the campus will become more attractive to our students.

If you happen to be the room parent before, please stop by your kid’s class after you drop him/her off and ask the teacher to see if they need any help on distributing the textbook.  Certain classes are large in size; handling textbooks/workbooks/digital media could be quite labor intensive, so please help if you can.

Last but not least, safety is the number one priority in our campus.   Please drive or walk with caution in the parking lot.  Hope you all have a pleasant and safe experience at NPMS.  We need parents to help direct traffic during the rush hours, if you can help, please inform us.

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