Friday, April 17, 2015

North Peninsula Mandarin School 2015-2016 Registration

Registration Dates:
Current student re-enrollment: 4/25/15, 5/2/2015
New student enrollment: 5/2/2015


1.   Please verify the student/family contact information on the previously delivered Registration Form for Returning Students, make corrections if needed.  One Registration Form per family.  Form will be collected at the registration.

2.  Visit school website ( link -Download 2015-16 Registration Forms - for additional registration instructions.  Please download Form 05_EmergencyContact form and Form 02_NPMS SchoolCalendar for your child(ren)’s registration and record.

3.  On the registration day, please bring in the following documents:           
(1) Registration Form, 
(2) Emergency Contact form, 
(3) School calendar,
(4) Tuition check, 
(5) PTA Voucher (if applicable).

北半島中文學校 2015-2016 學年註冊須知


1.  請事先核對並更正舊生註冊單上個人資料,註冊單為每家一份,請於註冊當日交回。

2. 請至校方網站(連結Download 2015-16 Registration Forms參閱註冊須知並下載所需表格 Form 05_Emergency Contact form Form 02_NPMS SchoolCalendar

3. 註冊當日請攜帶:
2)緊急聯絡人地址電話 Emergency Contact (表格五),填妥並於註冊當日交回 
 ( 3 )  行事暦 (表格二)
5學費減免劵 (voucher)

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