Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dear Parents,
For many of us, North Peninsula Mandarin School represents a fond memory, a familiar schedule, and a bountiful harvest of education rooted in culture. NPMS is where our children took their first steps in a journey of exploration---in their journey to interact with a language as beautiful and unique as Mandarin Chinese.
Faithfully furthering our traditional mission to propagate Chinese language and culture, NPMS is in its 38th year of operation, throughout which we have always been and always will be an independent, nonprofit institute, funded solely by tuition collected from registered students. Your tuition goes towards renting classrooms, hiring teachers, and providing students with extracurricular activities and support. However, with operating costs increasing every year, NPMS needs YOUR support in order to keep tuition low while maintaining the highest quality of education. Your donation, regardless of amount, will be a great help to us. It is 100% tax deductible, and our next generation is the direct recipient of this gift!

We look forward to your response and appreciate your support.


北半島中文學校秉持傳承中華文化的宗旨,在灣區中半島已歷三十八個寒暑! 在這段不算短的歷程中北半島一直是個獨立的教學機構,財務自主,學校運作所需之經費悉數來自學生的學費。如今隨著大環境的經濟條件改變,單純的學費收入已難平衡學校運作所需之全部經費,因此我們在此誠摯的呼籲您給予北半島所需要的財務支援!您所捐的款項,無論金額多少,都是對學校的補助,讓北半島可以持續維持良好的教學品質。您的捐款不僅可用於申報減稅同時也讓我們的下一代孩童直接受惠。

Thank you for your support.