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2016『猴年』新年海報設計比賽 』 2016 Chinese New Year Poster Contest『Monkey Year』

有意參賽的同學可以在本週六到210 教室領取紅色海報用紙,發完為止。


Registration Form

2016 Chinese New Year Poster Contest『Monkey Year』



The Association of Northern California Chinese Schools (ANCCS) hereby sponsors this Chinese New Year Poster Contest to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Observing and experiencing the lunar new year through a hands-on activity is a good way to carry forward this traditional festive. Participants are encouraged to integrate every shred of knowledge about the lunar new year, whether it be learning from their teachers, parents, movies, literatures and magazines, or any other resources, and express these on the posters they design. It is our hope that through the participation of this activity, our students will know more about and identify more with the Chinese lunar new year and culture, and furthermore, apply and develop their interest and skills in arts and design.


1) 表達中華文化或農曆『猴年』新年之信息及氣氛
2) 必須是平面設計勿做立體設計(以能過膠處為原則)
3) 剪貼或繪畫等不拘(歡迎使用任何材料/但勿使用亮粉)
4) 請於參賽作品背面貼上報名表
5) 為保護閣下作品,務必將完成作品自行過膠後才交件樣本請參閱第四頁
1) Expressive of the sights, spirits and feelings of Chinese culture pertaining to the Lunar New Year (Monkey Year).
2) All entries must be two-dimensional, so that they can be laminated with a plastic film for protection.
3) Designs can be cut-and-paste or original drawings, using various materials (please refrain from using glitter powder) 
4) Please affix your Registration Form to the back of the poster
5) It is required that all entries be laminated for better protection before they are turned in.          
Refer to page 4 for entry samples.
參賽組別Category of entries:
A) 小學組:1-4年級, 生日在 2005年12月31日或之後*
B) 初中組:5-8年級, 生日在2001年12月31 日至2006年1月1日之間 *
C) 高中組:9-12年級,生日在1997年12月31 日至2002年1月1日之間*

* 領獎時需出具生日證明

The competition is open to the public living in Northern California. Submissions are placed into one of the following three age groups:

A) Elementary School (1st grade – 4th grade): born on 12/31/2005 or after*
B) Middle School (5th grade – 8th grade): born between 12/31/2001 and 1/1/2006*
C) High School (9th grade – 12th grade): born between 12/31/1997 and 1/1/2002* *

Winners must present an official document for age verification.

規則 Rules:
繳付報名費之同時 領取23”x35”主辦單位指定之紅色海報紙 (可於紅紙上自行加貼任何顏色)
Poster material (red cardboard 23” x 35”) will be provided upon registration (All designs are to be added on this red poster cardboard.)

評分 Criteria:
創意 30%、藝術 30%、切題 20%、整體配搭 20%
Creativity 30%,Art 30%,Theme 20%,Presentation 20%

報名需知A pplication guidelines:
A) 網上報名截止日期:2016年 1月22日;作品繳交截止日期:2016年 1月25日 (逾期不受理)
B) 報名費:會員學校集體報名每件作品報名費 $5 或12件作品$50;非會員學校或逾期報名者每件作品報名費 $ 10, 支票抬頭請填寫”ANCCS”
C) 報名辦法:3 步驟
1. 上網登記報名資料:網址
2. 繳報名費並領取海報紙;作品於2016年 1月25日前(含1/25日)繳交

Pay registration fee/ receive blank red cardboard/turn in your works at one of these locations

100 South Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 747-0378(408) 747-0378x117

HillTop Gift
10265 S.DeAnza Bl., Cupertino, CA 95014

HillTop Gift
47872 Warm Springs Bl., Fremont CA 94539

8701 Bunting Court.,Orangevale, CA95662

D) 優勝名單將由本會上載聯合會網站及報章媒體。另外,優勝作品將會在Santa Clara City Hall 展出2星期。
E) 頒獎典禮將於 2016 年1月31日(星期日)下午在南灣華僑文教中心舉行。

A) Registration Deadline: 2016/1/22; Poster Turn In Deadline: 2016/1/25 (Late entries will not be accepted)
B) Registration Fee (payable to ANCCS): $5 per poster or $50 per 12 posters for member schools; $10 per poster for non-member school or past the registration deadline.
C) Enrollment: 3 steps
1. Online registration via
2. Pay the registration fee, receive the red cardboard and turn in your works at one of the locations listed in the above table.
D) All winning entries will be posted on ANCCS website & Chinese local media. Furthermore, they will be exhibited at Santa Clara City Hall for 2 weeks.
E) The Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday 1/31/2016 in the afternoon at the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco (Milpitas)100 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035

獎勵 Award:

B)每組第二名(一名):將獲贈 80元獎金或等值禮卡,獎狀。
C) 每組第三名(一名) :將獲贈 60元獎金或等值禮卡,獎狀。
D) 每組佳作數名將獲贈10元以上等值禮卡或禮品,獎狀。

Prizes for the winners include cash (or its equivalent value in gift cards or gift) and a certificate. All winning entries will be published on the website of Association of Northern California Chinese Schools and newspaper media.

A) First Place of each group will be awarded $120 (cash or gift card) and a certificate. 
B) Second Place of each group will be awarded $80 (cash or gift card) and a certificate. 
C) Third Place of each group will be awarded $60 (cash or gift card) and a certificate.
D) Honorable Mentions will be awarded $10 (cash or gift card) or a gift in equal value and a certificate.

繳件須知 Things to know before submission of entries
1. 參賽作品貼上此報名表於背面右下角後 (務必於交件前先封上護膠) 於2016年1月25日前交至本會指定之繳件處。
2. 獲獎作品展覽: 主辦單位有權保留該得獎作品做為各活動巡迴展覽用直至2016年3月13日通知取回
3. 無錄取作品退件處理: 請於頒獎典禮當日會後領回,若無當日領回者主辦單位將保留至2016年3月13日,過後未領取,即視為放棄論。

1. Please affix this Registration Form with complete information to the back of your poster 
Turn it in to your school or any one of the 4 locations before January 15, 2016
2. Display of Winning Entries: ANCCS reserves the right to display all winning entries. Notification for retrieving winning entries will be sent out by March 13, 2016.
3. Contest entries not selected for awards:
Non-winning entries can be retrieved by owners on the award ceremony day. If you don’t retrieve it on the ceremony date, ANCCS will keep it till March 13, 2016. Afterwards, they will be deemed  abandoned by their owners and will be discarded

Samples of last year