Wednesday, August 17, 2016

School starting on Aug 27th


北半島中文學校即將在週六(8/27)開學,請您在本通知附件上查閱您孩子的班級與教室信息,若有問題,請您8/27 210教室,註冊組會幫助您。請您預先瀏覽學校的教室圖以便在開學當天可以迅速的找到您孩子的教室。也請您熟悉學校一學年的行事以便事先排您的週六日程。

學校的老師及行 政人員在過去的一段時日裡已盡力做好一切的籌備工作,俾使您的孩子在開學之後可以感受到學習中文的樂趣。如您所知,中文學校的一切行政事務全是由一群志願 投身其間的家長義工們擔綱完成,每一位義工也同樣肩負為人父母的職責,因此,學校事務若有疏忽不周,您的需要若有未能得到立即滿足之處,請您務必見諒。我們竭誠的盼望,在北半島您也可以向周圍有需要的家庭伸出您的援手,讓我們共同攜手,建立一個您我的孩子置身其中可以感受到的一個溫馨的學習環境。



Hillsdale High School (HHS) 教室 是中文學校租來的,HHS 有嚴格的政策,不允許在教室內或走廊中吃東西。所以 請再次提醒您的子弟,請勿在教室及走廊吃東西,吃東西時請到中庭,並把垃圾放在走廊垃圾筒。我們希望所有的中文學校學生都能遵守這個規定,小心使用HHS, 以免除中文學校與學區間的困擾。  


Dear Parents:

NPMS will start on Saturday (8/27).  Please check your kids’ class assignment and classroom information on the attached studentand classroom information list. If there are concerns, please come to the registration and information desk in room 210 on the first day of school. Please review classroom map in advance so that you can find your kids’ classrooms readily on the first day of school.  Please also get yourself familiarized with the school calendar to help you arrange your Saturday schedule in advance.

The teachers and all the school admin members have been working hard to ensure your child(ren) embark on a fruitful and rewarding Chinese learning trip.  As you know, the administrative duties at NPMS are solely operated by a group of devoted parent volunteers who spare their time to help after dropping off their kids.  Hence, it is possible that, on the first day of school, there may be some tasks untended, some of your questions unanswered promptly, or some of your needs unfulfilled immediately.  However, please be patient and accommodating should any of the above arises.  If you have been in this school for long, please help other junior families if you can.  With efforts from all od us, the school will move on more smoothly and the campus will become more attractive to our students.

If you happen to be a room parent before, please check with the teacher after you drop your child off to see if any help is needed on distributing the textbook.  Certain classes are large in size; handling textbooks/workbooks/digital media could be quite labor intensive, so please help if you can.

If you have registered online but have not made the tuition payment, please bring your tuition check and turn it in to our cashier in room 210.  We will have registration and information desks set up in that room to help families complete their registration.

Elective 4th period classes will start on September 10. Classes (painting, Go, abacus) are still open for enrollment.

The Hillsdale High School (HHS) Campus that NPMS rents from has a NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM AND HALLWAY policy.  Please advise your kids to consume food or drink in the courtyard, and dispose all the trash in the trash can. Please use HHS facilities with care.  We hope to maintain our rapport with HHS so that our classrooms rental will be uneventful.

 Last but not least, safety is the number one priority in our campus.   Please pay special attention to your children in the parking lot. During class breaks, please ask your children not to chase each other around. Please drive or walk with caution in the parking lot.  Hope you all have a pleasant and safe experience at NPMS.