Sunday, December 11, 2016

Academic Contest 學術比賽公告

2016-2017 學年度學術比賽將於1/14起連續三週於北半島中文學校舉行,本次學術比賽三週報名人次高達400人次,比去年又再增加近三十人次, 謝謝老師們與學校配合大力推廣學術比賽, 

1. 學術比賽 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 中午12 點開始. 這三週第四堂課暫停, 同時將提早於 11:30 下課以方便同學準備, 請家長留意時間.
2. 學術比賽各組統一讀稿, 範本試題及規則請參閱學校網站.
3. 國(粵)語朗讀比賽同學請自行列印讀稿.謝謝合作.
4. 煩請家長們核對您的小孩報名比賽項目及組別,若有問題,請知會教務處 (210 室).

2016-2017 Academic contest will start on 1/14. There are over 400 participants this year. Thanks parents and teachers for encouraging students to participate. Please note:

1. The contest start at 12 noon on 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, There are no 4th-period class during these 3 weeks, And the school is dismissed early at 11:30.
2. Please see this link for the read-aloud contests, sample tests and rules.
3. If you are in Read-Aloud contests, please print the script for your children.
4. The participants are listed here. If there is any error, please inform the school for correction.